“Decennium” marks the 10 year anniversary for Escapetor.

Escapetor Decennium coverart - click for larger image

While preparing a major full-length release for late 2011, Escapetor decided to release the Decennium EP late 2010 to celebrate themselves and the 10 steady years as a band. The EP consists of the following three tracks:

  • “No one will survive”, first recorded as a demo by Escapetor in 2001 by original members Leif-Ove Haugstad and Ragnar A. Nord-Varhaug. Then, re-recorder 2010 for “Decennium”
  • The second track is a cover-song from 1970 by Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac, “The Green Manalishi”. This song first appeared on Escapetor live-set during 2009 and has quickly settled as a live-favorite amongst the band members. Recorded in Studio for “Decennium”.
  • The third track on the EP is the infamous “Crow Song” (“Kråkevisa”), a Norwegian folklore which Escapetor embraced and recorded for the “Moments” release in 2005. The Crow Song is the most consistent song during all Escapetor’s live appearances the past 10 years. “Kråkevisa” was recorded in studio for “Decennium” with a chorus of invited guests

These three tracks on Decennium will most likely not appear on the upcoming 2011 full-length release. Decennium represents a bit of an odd mix & match the band wanted to express for their celebration. Since Axel’s arrival as a steady band member April 2010, the band needed some time to settle the set-lists for live appearances, time to get started on new material and time to find musical companionship. Decennium provided the little time-out Escapetor needed.

Decennium was recorded during the fall of 2010 in Studio Valhalla with Escapetor guitarist Ragnar A. Nord-Varhaug in charge of the production. The band is the line-up formed between 2006 and 2010

  • Ragnar A, Nord-Varhaug  – guitar,
  • Leif-Ove Haugstad — drums
  • Mats-Henning Reppen — vocal
  • Axel Feller — Guitar
  • Henning Jansen — Bass
  • Eivår Idsøe, Monique Potratz, Steven Potratz and Børre Bratland — chorus for “Kråkevisa”


Photographer and digital voodoo-artist Haakon Hoseth was selected to do cover-art. The record is released physically in a limited release of 300 exclusive CD’s. Get your copy by contacting the band directly. Decennium is also published digitally on iTunes, WIMP and Spotify. For a limited time the EP will  be avaliable on Escapetor’s MySpace.

Expect great things to come! Escapetor is stronger, more vibrant and more creative than ever!