PostHeaderIcon Escapetor live 2012 – BryneRocken

Escapetor live at BryneRocken August 2012

A great big thanks to everyone who made Escapetor’s gig in Bryne to the highlight for 2012! Great audience, great arrangement from BryneRocken, and a GREAT performance by our new vocalist, Claudius ‘Kaktus’ Bormoth. Escapetor are back in business, getting ready for recording our new record anytime now, and planning on a couple of live gigs the next 4-6 months. Stay tuned, and keep your expectations high, great things will happen!

PostHeaderIcon First Rehearsals with Kaktus!

Claudius Kaktus Bormuth



Escapetor has had 3 successful long nights in Valhalla Studios with Claudius “Kaktus” Bormuth joining in for the first time. We are ready to kick ass! At least, we are ready to make an epic Escapetor-statement at BryneRocken August 17th… Setlist is complete, Kaktus is on top of things, and the band is tight & focused.

PostHeaderIcon Escapetor announces guest vocalist 2012, “Kaktus”

Escapetor is proud to announce guest vocalist Claudius “Kaktus” Bormuth to appear att Bryne Rocken 2012!

Claudius is a long time friend and former band-mate of Escapetor’s Axel from Heppenheim, Germany. Educated sound engineer, producer and vocalist in Brain Damage, Stromkreis and Tyrant Eyes, we have a strong vokalist helping us out! Kaktus has his musical preferences and inspirations from bands such as Black Sabbath, Sepultura, DIO, Iron Maiden, Halloween and Slayer as well as German-Punk-Bands Abstürzende Brieftauben, WIZO, Terrorgruppe, Dritte Wahl and Ton-Steine -Scherben.

Kaktus is scheduled for rehearsals with Escapetor in June and August, and will be ready to rip things appart att Bryne in August. Escapetor are happy, ready and eager to get things moving, grooving and rocking. Be there and enjoy; we’ll deliver true trash/heavy metal from the underground.

Appart from screaming metal and thrashing guitars, Kaktus enjoys partying, drinking, eating & cooking; his disliking’s are intolerance, bad weather and alcohol-tax.

Claudius Kaktus Bormoth

PostHeaderIcon Escapetor søker vokalist!

Vi er fortsatt ikke i mål med å finne rett vokalist,.. og er igang med en ny audition-runde.

Metal med inspirasjonskilder Metallica, Antrhax, Megadeth, Kreator, Testament, Pantera osv . . .  sjekk låtene våre på Spotify og YouTube!

Escapetor er ett etablert band med eget studio og øvingslokale – vi har holdt koken siden 1999. Låter klar til innspilling av ny plate med release sent i 2012 – konserter booket for høsten 2012. Her er det bare å hive seg med! Send noen ord til ranv @ escapetor . com  . . .



Escapetor 2012

PostHeaderIcon Escapetor Part Ways with Singer Mats-Henning Reppen

Escapetor has decided to part ways with Mats-Henning Reppen after more than six years together. Matsi is a great musician, a great singer and a great guy; leaving behind big shoes to fill.


Matsi, Tou Scene 2011

Escapetor’s first priority moving forward will be to find a new singer. Although work will continue to create the next new record, of which 7-8 songs are in pre-production.

PostHeaderIcon Escapetor goes to Germany; supporting Tyrant Eyes!

Escapetor are headed to Germany for an exclusive show on October 29 at the Live Music Hall in Weiher to support Tyrant Eyes.



Escapetor in Germany!


Tyrant eyes released the album “The Sound of Persistence” in 2011,.. check it out!

PostHeaderIcon Exclusive preview; “Demo 2012″, 4 new songs

Escapetor proudly presents a demo with 4 new songs, recorded LIVE @ Tou Scene, Stavanger in September 2011. This is the raw, uncut real deal; this is where we are headed for our new record , title yet to be settled, released sometime 2012. We are looking for a label that will release and distribute… spread the word!



PostHeaderIcon The Streets Webzine review “Decennium”


The Streets


A big thanx! to “The Streets Webzine!” for a great review of  Escapetor’s  ”Decennium” EP.

PostHeaderIcon All Night Metal Fight!

Escapetor are proud to be part of the All Night Metal Fight gathering on Saturday 10th of September @ Tou Scene in Stavanger. A total of 9 bands from around Norway will perform at this mini-festival. All Night Metal Fight!

+18 years, 100 NOK CC

Link: Facebook-event

Link: Tou Scene event


All Night Metal Fight!

PostHeaderIcon T-Shirts with awesome Escapetor logo available!

Finally, we proudly present a brand new batch of T-Shirts with the classic Escapetor logo from the Misanthropia EP back in 2009. Shirts are available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL. Color is black (are there any other colors?..) and the print is in a nice brownish grey lush tone. Simply; it looks GREAT!



Escapetor logo T-Shirt



Price is 200NOK; contact any bandmember directly or by facebook et. al. and we´ll have it delivered at your door.



Escapetor logo T-Shirt